Hey y’all. PRESS GENIUS is a black woman owned brand founded by a Haitian American beauty content creator and makeup artist Kathy Odisse. I created PRESS GENIUS as a healthy dose of self-love we could all use. My introduction to press-ons was likely the same as yours: a glance in the drugstore aisle. I tried many iterations back then but failed to find any that both fit my deep and wide nail beds and didn't have a design that reminded me of fifth-grade arts and crafts. 
Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been comfortable with any beauty products and seen it as a fun way to express myself. Especially being an undergrad student, there are times where we may be financially low and then causes us not to look and feel good. PRESS GENIUS is all about embracing your imperfections, being on a budget yet still looking FLY AND BOUJIE. Press-on nails are kind of all the rage right now. If you ask any professional nail artists, they never really went out of style. Don't allow yourself to overlook this opportunities sis.
PRESS GENUIS brings so. much. happiness.  
Kathy Odisse, Founder